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Comic: Pushy Vegans

Comic: Pushy Vegans


Even if you still eat meat, deviating even once from the social norms is going to get you reactions like this.  If you have no interest in going vegan, then at least try eating a conspicuously vegan meal a few times in mixed company.  For instance, vegetable fajitas when everyone else is having cow in theirs, or a veggie burger at a place which servers cow burgers.  Watching people’s reactions as they try to figure out why you’re not joining in on the meat eating is fun and philosophically profitable.

You may notice the jacket looks really familiar to a certain sweater worn in another webcomic.  For my first page, I wanted to pay tribute to Penny-Arcade, who have provided me with years of chuckles and a few outright guffaws.

3 Responses

  1. This is really funny, and so true. I haven’t experienced it yet as a vegan, since I really only fully committed to veganism last week. But as a vegetarian previously I certainly had a lot of meat-eaters questioning my dietary choices. I can only begin to imagine the ride ahead as vegan! Strange though how people think you can be a vegetarian/vegan and still eat chicken?

  2. F12 says:

    True story, carnists can be so fanatical and annoying – it’s like a religion.

  3. VeganGod says:

    BRILLIANT!! Like my son who was visiting and asked suspiciously if the meal I had served him was vegan with a look on his face that guaranteed if I said yes he would not eat it. So I said of course not son – he gobbled it up saying how yum it was – then I told him it was vegan.

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