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Do Vegans Believe That Meat is Evil?

I overheard a friend of mine explaining to a meat-eater, “Yes, but vegans believe meat equals evil.”

This is another subtle but pervasive opinion of vegans which I take issue with.

A phrase like “vegans believe meat = evil” trivializes the belief that killing innocent beings is immoral.

“Evil,” these days, is a hard notion to take seriously. “Meat” is a faceless, tasty product that most of us in the United States grew up eating. Most importantly, I think, a phrase like this keeps the animal out of the picture and the emotionless product, meat, as the focus.

A non-vegan listening to my friend would likely construct in his head an image of a wobbly, little, pink cut of meat and a red-eyed fringe lunatic vegan screaming “evil” at it.

Many vegans think killing innocent beings is immoral. Meat is a product of killing those beings, just like a black eye might be the byproduct of getting punched in the face. No one would scream that black eyes are evil, yet nearly everyone would object to an old lady receiving one (unless she works at the DMV).

In all dealings with those who think like us and with those who disagree, we absolutely cannot forget about those who, for food and entertainment, are stabbed, bludgeoned, slit open, drown alive, electrified, gassed to death, prodded with hooks, chucked with their brothers and sisters into grinders, chainsawed and even thrown into pits of despair (for “science”). At this very moment, by the thousands, all of that and worse is occurring.

If we think anything is evil, that is it. Not “meat.”

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  1. thank you for this post, I recently finally quit eating “meat”, I grew up in Mexico, and my summer vacations were spent in a small town where we ‘knew’ the animals we ate. I remember my grand uncle killing a chicken we all knew for Christmas dinner, or sometimes because the hens became old… the treatment was so different!! Yes, they killed them but after years of taking care of them and being even their friends, they knew older animals had to leave anyway, and of course the killing was as compassionate as a it could be with a pet, yet the meat eating was so spare, ’cause only one or 2 chickens became old per year… most of the time we ate frijoles con arroz (beans with rice) tortillas, and other veggies and chiles, so the animal eating was an special occasion and somehow we thanked the memory of the animal…

    but these days, all that slaughtering, the not seeing the killing as you said, yes!! it’s Evil!!

    I am so glad I am finally coming on the vegan side. I am not perfect, I am still having some products, like a muffin I ate not long ago that I am sure has milk and eggs… but one day I decided to become vegetarian, and then I realized, the milk, the eggs, the poor poor eggs conveyed so much torture and sacrifice, that not, I just couldn’t do it anymore…

    thank you for writing for this cause!

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