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Add Variety by Replacing Meat

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
Dish variety expands tremendously when you replace meat

By replacing meat and dairy with plants, meal variety explodes

Dropping meat and dairy is the easiest thing you can do to add variety to your meals.

One of the hesitations most people have to replacing flesh and animal milk is the fear of meals becoming bland, colorless, tasteless, repetitive or boring. This perception is happily dispelled by anyone who has gone vegan for a year or two, but why should it take so long?

When meat must be included at every meal, your main dish is by definition restricted. How is eating the same four animals variety? Going vegan, one is forced to eat something other than the Five Main Corpses: cow, chicken, pig, fish, or a random creature which tastes like any of the previous four.

There is such variety in the plant kingdom!

Upgrade from five flesh options to literally hundreds. Factor each option by the dozens (hundreds, if you’re a good cook) of ways to spice and flavor any food, and you’ve just increased your menu from a dozen to a thousand delicious, unique meals.

Go vegan. Your meals will be zestier, more flavorful, colorful and varied. If you don’t want to go vegan for the animals, do it for your taste buds.

Raw Bruschetta from Cashew "Cheese" on a Multi-Seed Base

Raw Bruschetta from Cashew "Cheese" on a Multi-Seed Base