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Vegans are Regular People

Vegans are Regular People - the shirt!

It’s true. Our bowel movements are healthier and typically faster than those of meat eaters, but otherwise we are exactly the same.

Vegans are not super heroes. Although directly reducing the demand for animals to be exploited is a super thing to do, it’s easy. Veganism is a moral baseline; it’s not exactly heroic.

We do not possess superhuman willpower. If you want a demonstration, just tell a recently awakened vegan that Oreos have no animal products in them. See how long it takes before he looks like he just ate, well, a box of Oreos. We struggle with restaurant and junk food marketing like anyone does. We do have it a little easier in that area: most of the ads are targeting a different demographic.

Vegans have no keener empathic abilities than the rest of the world. We are not Cow Whisperers. We do not hear the cries of corn as it’s fed to pigs on feedlots. Vegans are not so delicate and refined that they run in terror from the company dinner table when someone orders steak. Nor do we possess the hardened, bleached souls of war criminals. Seeing graphic video footage of animal slaughter bothers us as much as it does anyone.

Like meat eaters, vegans are not necessarily eating perfectly balanced diets, either. A huge percentage of the United States suffers from Vitamin D deficiencies, despite what the dairy industry would have us believe their fortified products will do.

Vegans are Regular People

6 Responses

  1. Jim DeBlasio says:

    I am fat, friendly, and vegan, 58 years old.

  2. Jess@miniMum says:

    Yeah, I’m not proud of my Pavlovian response when my husband waved a Whittaker’s Peppermint Dark Chocolate block in front of me…

  3. mike says:

    all so very true. that last sentence is a bit out there though… :-/

  4. Tyme says:

    “Vegans are Regular People”…are we talking bowel movements, here? If so, check.

    But, I gotta say, I think that vegans are pretty exceptional — in the strictest sense of that word (minority) and in the awesomeness connotation of that word.

    I have to disagree with your below premise.
    Vegans have no keener empathic abilities than the rest of the world….Seeing graphic video footage of animal slaughter bothers us as much as it does anyone.

    I think that we have exactly that (keener empathy) — that is what motivates (most of) us to be vegan. How could anyone watch that kind of footage and _not_ be vegan. I have actually never watched them. I didn’t need that kind of motivation.

    But, we are “regular” people in that we put our vegan-friendly pants on one leg at a time. And, have some of the same life struggles as others.

    Funny though that when people learn you are vegan, they subtly kinda (literally) step back a bit as if they will catch something. …One can only hope!

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